Create or Add Photo Gallery to Your Website for Free

You can create an advanced photo album or a photo gallery on your website with web album generator applications or an open-source photo gallery system. Some of web hosting companies have free image galleries application included. This makes image galleries applications easy to use. You select a wanted application, enter a few easy questions and that it’s. If you want use another application (not the one that is included in web hosting plan) you can download it from the internet. See the examples below. Requirements: You must have a website. Advantages:

  • No Ads – No Ads and no irrelevant content.
  • Freedom – You can customize your galleries like you want it.
  • No limits – Depends on your hosting account.

Disadvantages: Usually such web hosting won’t be free of charge.

Free Web Album Generator Applications

Usually, you must install photo album generator application on your computer, create web photo album folder and upload it to your website.

  1. JAlbum – This gallery software makes web albums of your digital images. Install Jalbum on your computer, create photo album by “drag and drop”, upload web album with ftp program to your website. That’s it! Very easy and very quick. Works fine on Windows and Linux hosting.
    View JAlbum example
    Visit JAlbum website
  2. – Free software to make web albums out of your digital photographs. All you need is your digital photographs, and web album generator will take care of the dirty work – creating web album. In web generator there is no option for directory creation, but with basic html knowledge you can create it by yourself. See differences between first and second example. Works fine on Windows and Linux hosting.
    View regular example
    View example with folders
    Visit website

Free Open Source Photo Gallery Applications

Download photo gallery package from one of the sites, extract the package on your computer (if there is a need), upload it to your website and begin the installation. In some cases you’ll need to create database before the installation. Some application in this section works with GD or ImageMagick image manipulation utilities. Almost all hosting companies have it already installed for you.

  1. Gallery Project – The Gallery Project is an open source PHP project enabling simple management and publication of photographs. Photo management includes automatic thumbnails, resizing, rotation, and flipping, among other things. Albums can be organized hierarchically and individually controlled by administrators or privileged users. Gallery works fine on Windows and Linux hosting.Web server requirements: at least PHP4.3, at least MySQL 3.x/MS SQL 2005, ImageMagick or GD. Gallery 1.x does NOT require a database.
    View Gallery Demo Gallery

    Visit Gallery website
  2. SimpleViewer – SimpleViewer is customizable Flash image viewing application. There are two similar alternative image viewers, PostcardViewer and AutoViewer. Works fine on Windows and Linux hosting.See our examples.
    View SimpleViewer Demo Gallery
    View PostcardViewer Demo Gallery

    View AutoViewer Demo Gallery
    Visit SimpleViewer website
    Visit PostcardViewer website
    Visit AutoViewer website
  3. Plogger – Plogger is a free online photo album generation script with automatic thumbnail creation, easy installation and search engine friendly features. But in general it will work only on Linux hosting with MySQL.Web server requirements: at least PHP4, MySQL v3.23 and GD.
    View Plogger Demo Gallery
    Visit Plogger website
  4. Coppermine – Coppermine Photo Gallery is an advanced, user-friendly, picture gallery script with built-in support for other multi-media/data files and the use of multiple languages. The gallery can be private, accessible to registered users only, and/or open to all visitors to your site. Users, if permitted, can upload pictures with their web browser.Web server requirements: At least PHP4, MySQL 3.23 and ImageMagick or GD.
    View Coppermine Demo Gallery

    Visit Coppermine website
  5. 4images – 4images is a powerful web based image gallery management system. Features include user registration and management, password protected administration area and search engine. But, if you have some problem with image resizing you can solve it with Picasa.Web server requirements: at least PHP4 and MySQL v3.23.
    View 4images Demo Gallery
    Visit 4images website
  6. Zenphoto – They call it “The simpler media website CMS”. With Zenphoto you can manage your images, video and audio files. As as for other free photo gallery applications, the requirements for Zenphoto are ¬†PHP support and MySQL database server. This very friendly and simple application. It took me about 20 minutes to install the application, create a demo gallery and upload about 30 images.
    View Zenphoto Demo Gallery
    Visit Zenphoto website
  7. Piwigo – Photo gallery software for the web that comes with powerful features to publish and manage your collection of pictures. Piwigo is very similar to Zenphoto, easy to install and manage. In order to use this application you need PHP support and MySQL database.
    View Piwigo Demo Gallery
    Visit Piwigo website

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