Paid Web Hosting

If you’ve already accomplished the first step in creating a website, registering a domain name, it’s time to move on – choosing the right web host for you.

The following information can be found in paid web hosting section:

Basic Web Hosting Glossary

  • Web Server – powerful computer containing one or many websites. Web server has to be connected to the internet at all times in order to make the website available.
  • Web Hosting Provider (Web Hosting Service) – company that own web servers and provides storage for their client’s websites. Web hosting companies provide a full-time and high-bandwidth connection to the internet, so that your clients can access your website anytime.
  • Disk Space (Web Storage) – hard drive space on a web server where all your web pages, images, video etc will be stored. Disk space is measured in megabytes (Mb) or gigabytes (Gb).
  • Bandwidth (Data Transfer) per month – the amount of data transferred between your website and the viewer’s computers. For example, each time an image is viewed by someone, it’s send to this someone’s computer. In other words, data transfer is generated. Remember that data transfer includes website, emails and ftp traffic.
  • Web Page – a resource of information that is suitable for the internet and can be accessed through a web browser. This information is usually in HTML format.
  • Email accounts (Mailboxes) – your email accounts. For example:
  • Control Panel (CPanel) – configuration tool of your web hosting account. Managing done through web based interface and can be performed anytime and anywhere. Some web host companies provide demo control panel, like or
  • FTP Accounts (FTP Access) – allows you to upload files to your site using an FTP program. Multiple FTP accounts will enable you creating additional access accounts for your friends.
  • Web Statistics – detailed statistics about the visitors of your website. For example: see where your traffic is coming from, how long people were on your website, what are the popular pages and more.
  • Technical Support – a service given by Web Hosting Providers. Technical questions or problems can be solved by contacting support groups via telephone, email or even live chat.

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